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The Unchanged Ethos of a Changed Life: Interdisciplinary Round Tables in Bioethics

The research project aims to realize one of the essential components of the formation of UCU's ethos as an open academic community in the service of the Church and Ukrainian civil society. The project provides for high-quality research on bioethical issues, based on their compliance with international and national standards. Among the priorities of UCU's policy in the scientific sphere, an important one is the process of forming scientific schools around the institute of research professor and supporting those researches that unite in the scientific search a scientist, graduate student and student in the common service of truth about man, world and God. The next important goal is the creation of professional, scientific teams and dialogue platforms for the representativeness of the university in society through active interdisciplinary cooperation. The main idea of the project is to create a professional interdisciplinary platform at UCU where theologians, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, physicians and lawyers raise and discuss the most pressing issues of bioethics and moral theology which are composing a modern challenge to the Church and society. The project aims to bring Christian values in the field of biomedicine and human sexuality to the Ukrainian academic and non-academic society. Discussion among theologians, physicians, psychologists and other experts on topical issues related to the surrogacy, death and support of the dying, as well as gender ideology and its imposition in education and upbringing, is designed to find authentic answers, which would be based on authentic values. An interdisciplinary approach to these issues will avoid the apparent conflict between faith and science, ethics and progress. The key stages of the project are holding a series of round tables on significant bioethical topics by conducting an open discussion and publishing their results in peer review journals that have indexation in scientometric databases.

Fr. Ihor Boyko, Rector of the Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit



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