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Development of Secondary Education in Ukraine

Modern ukrainian state-owned and state-controlled secondary education is inefficient and provokes a lot of different problems in society. The best solution can be found through the introduction of more private and non-state initiatives and institutions in this sector. The main purpose of the analytical report is to define key problems, searching for the best international experience, taking into account different stakeholders and their interests, and generate policy proposals that can enhance institutional and financial conditions for private and other non-governmental educational institutions (including religious) as well as create better educational solutions for Ukrainian families and their children.

Petro Baykovskyy. Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, lecturer at BA Program "Ethics-Politics-Economics" UCU, PhDCandidate at the Institute of Philosophy of KU Leuven in Belgium and a senior lecturer of the political science department and Ethics-Politics-Economics program at the Ukrainian Catholic University


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