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Social Work Practicum: Models, Instruments, Cases

The project aims at developing and publishing a collective manual. The broad goal of the project is to provide the educational and methodical support for professional training of social workers in the universities of Ukraine by means of a modern textbook with a practice-oriented content. The narrow goal is to bring the content of professional training of future social workers in classes to future professional conditions by means of a modern manual.

Project objectives: 1. identification of current external challenges faced social work as a profession in time of the reform of decentralization and transformation of social policy of Ukraine. Within this task we will point out the external challenges faced the main areas of professional social work (promoting social and economic equality; upholding human dignity and values; promoting environmental sustainability; recognizing the importance of human relations, including in the workplace) and ways how to respond them on national level; 2. identification and analysis of internal challenges faced social work, particularly those that social workers meet in social work practice (poverty, social exclusion, the spread of deviations, socially dangerous diseases); 3. breaking the received information down into smaller chapters and topics; 4. writing a good text of the manuscript though the description of each topic paying attention to the following structural components: a mini-presentation of the theoretical basis of the topic, a description of the technique which correspond to the theory, completing with the case from the social work practice and tasks to it; 5. preparing and submitting the manuscript for publication.

Svitlana Kohut, a lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCU


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