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Family Pastoral Care in the Context of an Adequate Anthropology

This study is the final part of a PhD thesis on "For Adequate Family Pastoral Care: The Anthropological Foundations of Family Pastoral Care in John Paul II. The Relationship between Theology of the Body and the Apostolic Teaching of the Familiaris Consortio" at the Pontifical Theological Institute of John Paul II for the sciences of marriage and family (Pontificio Istituto Teologico Giovanni Paolo II per le scienze del matrimonio e della famiglia). This part is the quintessence of the previously made analysis of the topic, in which due to the scientific works of Karol Wojtyla ("Love and Responsibility" (1960), "Person and Act" (1969), "Sources of Renewal. Studies on Realizing Vatican II" (1972)) and the first encyclical Pope John Paul II Redemptor hominis and the series of catechisms "Human Love in the Divine Plan" (so-called theology of the body) we see that integrated anthropology is the basis of pastoral care of families. Research Hypothesis: The anthropology of John Paul II is so rich and authentic that it underlies adequate family pastoral care. Novelty: this study will show that in the context of adequate anthropology it is important and necessary to talk about the adequate pastoral care of families, which includes an integral truth about human life and vocation.

Fr. Volodymyr Hryb, Project and Program Manager, UCU Institute of Family and Marital Life


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