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Collection of Articles 'Promoting the Common Good: Towards the Sustainable Development of Society

The annual Ecumenical Social Week (ESW) is an international interdisciplinary forum that brings together the resources of academics, civil society, government, media, social organizations, Churches, educators and NGOs to face the pressing social challenges on the base of universal human values and the social teachings of the Churches. ESW 2021 is dedicated to the topic of sustainable development (the forum received a grant from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation). Several forum panels will be organized together with the University of Louvain. As the results of these panels, we are planning to publish the Collective Monograph – a collection of articles "Promoting Common Good: Towards Sustainable Development of Society." The monograph will include articles of the leading scholars from the University of Louvain and the Ukrainian Catholic University. Common work will allow to present the ecumenical, international context of the Churches' social teaching and the vision of the integral human development in the global world. The publication will also help UCU scholars to join the global academic debate on an important issue, as well as deepen our partnership with one of the Europe's leading research-oriented universities.

Pavlo Smitsniuk, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of UCU


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