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Christian Values Shaping Society

This project aims at enhancing education of a new generation of social and political leaders committed to moral values, human dignity and common good can change Ukraine. The students of Political Science, Philosophy, Theology, Law, Economics, Journalism, Sociology, Public Management will become active participants of the

September 1st, 2020 – June 30th, 2022

project activities and programs. They will be joined by high-school teachers,

people of business, NGO members, young representatives of political parties and young officers of the local self-government and local state administration.

Students and young professionals will familiarize themselves with the Catholic Social Teaching and will learn how moral values can make a difference in decision and policy making. They will engage themselves in policy elaboration in different fields and sectors of social, political, and economic life with a constant reference to Human Dignity, Family development, and Common Good.

Project aims at establishing a network of people interested in making moral values vibrant in Civil Society. A range of publicly available educational materials (hand-outs, manuals, presentations and short video-clips) on relevant issues will be produced in the course of the project.

The project is lead by the “Ethics-Politics-Economics” faculty and students, Faculty of Social Sciences


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