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The Churches and the War: Religion, Religious Diplomacy, and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

The volume includes the papers presented at the “Church Diplomacy and the Religious Dimension of the Russian-Ukrainian War” conference held in Lviv, Ukraine on June 29-30, 2023. The conference was part of the “Standing in Solidarity” (2022-2024) partnership between the University of Notre Dame and the Ukrainian Catholic University. The goal of this publication is to put the ongoing military conflict into the context of the religious past and present in both Ukraine and Russia, thus contributing to a theologically informed understanding of the current situation and its global effect. The papers presented in this volume also explore religious diplomacy and the ways it can play a positive role for the sake of ending the war with a just peace, as well as healing the conflict that threatens to destroy the international order.

You can download the book in epub format here.


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