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The work on the ethical analysis tool for public policies is ongoing, but for now, we are sharing a guide to our materials based on the outcomes of expert discussions regarding the application of an ethical approach in various spheres, conducted from August 2022 to January 2023 (in Ukrainian):

  • Freedom of Religion and National Security: Why an Ethical Approach Matters?

  • Education as a Common Good and Space of Solidarity: Ethical Challenges in Educational Policy.

  • Ensuring Ukraine's Security through Solidarity: Challenges for an Ethical Approach in the Fields of Security and International Law.

  • Privacy Protection as a Public Interest: An Ethical Approach in Information Policy.

  • Human Value in Economics: An Ethical Approach to Economic Policy.

  • State Support or Challenge to Human Dignity? An Ethical Approach to Social Policy Formation.

  • Will a Culture of Shared Decision-Making Save Ukrainian Culture? An Ethical Approach in Public Cultural Management.

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