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Wartime calls for a rethinking of several aspects of the social order, both locally and internationally. The main subjects of discussion are the security structure, the relevance of the legal system, public culture and, undoubtedly, a new public ethic.

Building a sustainable future in Ukraine requires an integrated approach combining political, economic, and legal aspects to ensure sustainable development and peace. This year's conference brings together intellectuals, researchers, civic activists, and cultural figures to publicly discuss the idea of community revitalization, which stems from the philosophy of sustainable security in Ukraine, where every citizen has the opportunity to develop and contribute to the country's overall development. The discussions will focus on security challenges and community recovery, the possibility of accessibility and active participation of citizens in decision-making, and support for initiatives aimed at community social, economic and cultural rehabilitation.

Conference at a Glance



Distinguished speakers from Ukraine and foreign partner countries will share their insights, expertise, and experience. The conference audience, consisting of an international crowd representing various professions, will also interact with students from Ukrainian Catholic University, who will present research projects, case studies analyses, and debates.


IHD Series



The conference invites you to live panel discussions, online meetings, student presentations, roundtables, and expert discussions.

The Conference is part of an annual international conference series within the framework of a broad theme entitled Integral Human Development. This series was inaugurated in 2019 by the International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues (IIECI) and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University.


EET 15:00 - 16:30

Bachelor Student Discussion

EET 16:30 - 17:00


EET 17:00 - 18:30

Student Poster Presentations

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